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5 Piece Harry Potter Replica Wizard Makeup Brush Kit - Mythical Market

5 Piece Harry Potter Replica Wizard Makeup Brush Kit

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Harry Potter replica wizard makeup brush set. Not for your average muggle!

Exclusive offer: 


Brushes are eco-friendly and have sturdy metal handles. Each brush has a unique replicated wand design to help cast that perfect spell. These magical wand brushes can be used to apply eye shadow, highlighter and powder–and obviously, to play a game of Quidditch.

The brushes are soft and silky to the touch. They apply makeup evenly and are also easy to clean. Comes with a sleek black bag.

Makes a great gift for that wizard in your life that also loves the art of makeup! Choose from two beautifully hand-crafted sets. 

Brush types included: 

  • Blending - Use the tip to reach creases around the nose and to pinpoint small areas.
  • Eye shadow  - The tapered but soft bristles of this brush make it perfect for precise shadow application.
  • Thin Angle/Shading - Use a small angled eye brush with gel liner or powder shadows to get a perfectly defined eye look.
  • SmudgeScore a smokey eye with a soft-bristled smudge brush.
  • Thicker Angle - Apply power to eyebrows for a perfect look.

How to keep our ultra-soft synthetic hair brushes in good condition:

  • Wash with warm water or cleanser after
  • Dry in air no wring
  • Keep dry

Enjoy your purchase! 

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