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Fairies (Fae), Pixies and Sprites


Fairies are a type of mythical beings or legendary creatures in European folklore, a form of spirit, often described as metaphysical, supernatural, or preternatural. Fairies or (fae) are also easily one of the most confusing and misunderstood creatures.

The word “fairy” originates from the French “faerie”, a spelling which is still used occasionally to this day.  In addition, fairies as a whole are also known as “the fae”.

The fae, in general, are all those who belong to the order of fairies, including those creatures which seem to be disconnected from the classic fairy archetype and are likely to not match mentally with most people’s images of what a fairy or faerie really is.


Pixies are a small humanoid creature with pointy ears. In traditional regional lore, pixies are generally benign, mischievous, short of stature and attractively childlike; they are fond of  dancing and gather outdoors in huge numbers to dance or sometimes wrestle,  through the night,


A category of elemental, fairy-like spirits, invisible to humans

The belief in diminutive beings such as sprites, elves, fairies, etc. has been common in many parts of the world, and might to some extent still be found within neo-spiritual and religious movements such as "neo-druidism" and "Asatru."

In some elemental magic, the sprite is often believed to be the elemental of air (see also sylph).

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